März 27, 2006

The craze that is the World Cup

Friends of the sport of Football or Soccer...

As a German football supporter I was as happy as the next supporter about Germany winning the friendly against the US Eagles last week. 4:1 seems a big win, even considering the 1 goal the US scored should not have been allowed... Well in either way the press in Germany seems to believe we've already won the World Cup. Well I think all those that believe we are going to fly through the World Cup with flying colours will have one big and rough awakening.
Yes Klinsman managed to get a win but that still doesnt change anything about the fact the German team still cant really play very well... The first half was, lets be honest, boring and only in the second half did they manage to score goals. This aside the stars of the US team werent present and in my opinon would have made a difference had they played.

Well, as the World Cup is drawing closer let us wait and see if Germany can achieve anything worth noting this time around.